Sustainable Design


General Description – History & Purpose

The Sustainable Design Committee seeks to establish/advocate the role of the Structural Engineer in the developing field of sustainable design. The Committee holds monthly meetings/teleconferences to discuss the role of the engineer in the sustainable design process, to review current trends and developments in sustainable design, to review sustainable design projects and design innovations and to collect, develop and provide resource information and guidelines to the SEAOSD membership to support the Structural Engineer’s contribution to sustainable design.

Committee Mission

To further the aims of sustainable design by strengthening the education of Structural Engineers and finding and promoting innovative design approaches and solutions to address the challenge of sustainability in structural engineering design practice. The Committee will collect and disseminate sustainable design information to SEAOSD and the design professional community with the aim of advancing the principles and goals of sustainable design. The overall mission is to advance the cause of sustainable design by making sustainability considerations an integral part of the Structural Engineer’s thinking and by providing tools to facilitate the Structural Engineer’s actions in advancing sustainable design.

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SEAOSD Sustainable Design Committee (SDC) Presents:
Green Globes® New Construction and Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings – a Continuum for Building Rating and Assessment by The Green Building Initiative

The Sustainable Design Committee (SDC) will be hosting a presentation on Green Globes, a green/sustainable building rating system. Please RSVP to Cathy Riley by Wednesday, January 19, 2011, if you are interested in attending in person. The presentation will be followed by an optional tour of the DPR office, a LEED certified Platinum existing building renovation. (See what SEAOSD’s old meeting place has been transformed into!)

Green Globes is the competing US system to USGBC’s LEED rating system. It is owned and operated in the US by Green Building Initiative (GBI). It is similar to, but distinct from LEED. GBI is an accredited ANSI standards developer and has initiated the process of establishing Green Globes as an official ANSI standard. Unlike LEED, Green Globes does specifically address structural durability, adaptability, deconstruct-ability and LCA. It utilizes the Athena LCA software to integrate the life cycle assessment into its rating system. It is designed for ease of use as a computer based questionnaire system that provides design guidance feedback to the user during the design decision making process. It ultimately relies on direct third party review (including project site visits and design team interviews) for certification.

If you are interested in the topic but can’t make the trip, you can attend virtually via a “WebEx” live webinar format. Please click on the link provided below if you wish to attend online only.

DATE: Friday, January 21, 2011
TIME: 12:00pm-1:30pm, Lunch will be provided
SUBJECT: Green Globes® New Construction and Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings – a Continuum for Building Rating and Assessment

DPR Construction
5010 Shoreham Place
San Diego, CA 92122

COST: FREE (Lunch will be provided courtesy of SEAOSD SDC)

PARKING: On site free lot.

The Green Building Initiative Presents:
Green Globes® New Construction and Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings – a Continuum for Building Rating and Assessment

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, buildings emit more CO2 than any other industry. Therefore how buildings are designed, built, and managed not only affects their performance and energy savings but ultimately their impact on the environment.

Green Globes®, an online rating and assessment tool for new construction and existing buildings, provides an ongoing continuum to not only design, quantify and improve new projects and major renovations but to measure a building’s performance as well.

Managing Green Design of New Construction

The Green Globes New Construction tool provides building sustainability assessment, education and feedback at each phase of the design process incorporating life cycle assessment into new commercial buildings.

Managing Green Performance of Existing Buildings

Effectively manage “green” performance within one or a portfolio of existing buildings. Green Globes CIEB helps establish baselines, prioritizes and plans the right improvements and monitors success.

Please attend a presentation by the Green Building Initiative (licensor of the Green Globes tool in the US) to understand how Green Globes ongoing cycle of constant green building improvement can be used on a myriad of different building types.