Existing Buildings



a)    SEAOC EBC Report Card/ Risk Tier Development

b)    USRC Updates

c)     Other local topics

d)    Update from last state board meeting.

b)    NCSEA corresponding member from SEAOSD.

c)    2018IBC/ IEBC Code Change proposals

Please contact Wayne Brown, SEAOSD Existing Buildings Chair, with comments or questions: wbrown@miyamotointernational.com

General Description:
The Existing Buildings Committee works on issues related to the evaluation and retrofit of existing buildings. Together with the SEAOC Existing Buildings Committee, we provide reviews and commentaries on guidelines, codes, and standards (such as ASCE 41, CBC/ IBC Chapter 34, and the IEBC), and we work with local jurisdictions on policies regarding existing structures.


  • Chair: Wayne Brown
  • Vice-Chair: Peter Maloney
  • State SEAOC Delegates:
    Michael Braund & Wayne Brown
  • Alternate SEAOC Delegates:
    Tony Court & Jim Miller
  • NCSEA EBS Corresponding Member: Michael Braund


Active Committee Members:

  • Michael Braund, S.E.
  • Tony Court, S.E.
  • Ali Fattah, P.E.
  • Wilson Lai, S.E.
  • Jim Miller, S.E.
  • Mehdi Shadyab, P.E.
  • Wayne Brown, S.E.
  • Peter Maloney, P.E.
  • Jonathan Buckley, P.E.
  • Ron LaPlante, S.E.

Current News in Existing Buildings:

  •  USRC Rating System is near completion. SEAOSD is a founding member along with SEAOC and all of the other MOs.