SEAOSD Early History

The formation of the Structural Engineers Association of San Diego took place over a period of about 12 years beginning in the mid 1950’s.  At that time a small group of Structural Engineers in private practice began to meet for lunch occasionally for the purpose of exchanging views and discussing problems of mutual concern.  This group consisted of TOM ATKINSON, GEORGE BAUER, STANLEY BURNE, ROBERT FOGG, JOHN S. DANIELS and JOHN RUSKIN.  All of these engineers belonged to the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California, but seldom were able to attend the meetings which were held in downtown Los Angeles.

Interest in a San Diego organization for Structural Engineers increased and an enlarged group came into being encompassing most of the engineers in the San Diego area who were employed in a structural engineering capacity or who were interested as contractors, material suppliers or consultants in related engineering disciplines. The group was very informal, originally going by the name “Friends of Structural Engineering”, replaced later by the title of “Structural Engineers of San Diego”.  The group held regular monthly meetings and sponsored many programs of technical and professional interest to those in structural engineering practice.

By 1967, over ninety members were in the organization and it presented its qualifications to the Board of Directors of the Structural Engineers Association of California at its annual convention in September, 1967 at Lake Tahoe.  Shortly thereafter, SEAOSD formally came into being with ninety-one charter members.  Charles B. Hope was the first elected president, serving for the year 1968.


For more history, download the documents below:

Registration of Engineers in California – Oct 1947 (PDF, 2 pages)

A Brief History of Engineering Registration, 1962 (PDF, 19 pages)

The Evolution of the Structural Engineers Association of California 1931-2003 (PDF, 14 pages)