Feb 152016

Presenter: Jon Haider, West Coast South Technical Advisor for WoodWorks

Jon received his BS in Civil Engineering from California State University Fullerton, and an MS in Civil Engineering focusing on Seismic Engineering from the University of California Los Angeles. Prior to joining Woodworks, he was a structural design engineer, assembling plans and calculations for several structure types including: institutional, commercial, and residential projects (sing- and multi-family).

Jon provides assistance on non-residential and multi-family wood projects in Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico.

Presentation Description:

There is a quiet revolution going on in Europe and Canada—a revolution that is changing the way US architects view structural wood building systems.

As a structural building component, wood offers many environmental benefits, including the ability to maximize carbon storage and minimize carbon dioxide emissions associated with the design, construction and operation of buildings. Architects in Europe are already using “massive timber” design principles and techniques to take advantage of wood’s carbon benefits, driving positive change through the power of wood design. However, these techniques are not yet widely used in the U.S.

This presentation will connect structure with architecture by introducing a variety of innovative structural wood products and systems. Case study examples of modern innovative projects in Canada, Australia and Europe will demonstrate how to use and apply these products and systems. Make no mistake—these examples are not your grandfather’s traditional heavy-timber-style buildings. These are creative, imaginative structures designed to take advantage of wood’s environmental and structural benefits. By showing how architects in other parts of the world are pushing the boundaries, we hope to help designers in the U.S. become inspired to blend structure back into architecture using mass timber and other wood systems.

Date:   February 26

Time:   Noon-1:30

Location:        Hope-Amundson Structural Engineers

1301 Third Avenue, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92101


Details: Lunch will be provided for thus who register. Registration deadline: 2/24

Contact Kayne Beebe at kayne.beebe@apawood.org 

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