Jun 172014

Saiful/Bouquet Structural Engineers, an award-winning firm headquartered in Pasadena, CA with offices in Orange County and San Diego, currently has openings for all experience levels of structural engineers in the San Diego Office. We are seeking qualified and motivated individuals who are interested in experiencing the challenge and pride that comes with being responsible for a variety of projects from new unique buildings to the strengthening of existing structures.

-Opportunities are available for engineers with 5+ years of experience at all experience levels in the San Diego office.

-Recent graduates applying for starting engineering position must have Master’s degree in structural engineering.

-All applicants should have strong communication and people skills!

-Experience with DSA a plus!

Practicing engineers applying for a position must have experience in a wide variety of structural materials and building types with emphasis on steel and concrete.

How to Apply:

ONLINE: www.saifulbouquet.com
EMAIL: careers@saifulbouquet.com

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